Yamaha Xeon 125

Yamaha Xeon 125 – PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI), Yamaha’s sole agent in the country, will strengthen its leadership in the segment by releasing products skutik Anyar, Xeon 125 cc.

Yamaha Xeon skutik model that dibanderol Xeon worth Rp15, 5 million per unit (on the road) DKI Jakarta was targeted to sell 25,000 units per month or 300,000 units per year through.

Dyonisius Beti, President Director said that the presence YMKI Xeon models coming in 125 cc premium segment, complementing the product range skutik Yamaha, in addition to Mio and Mio Soul. “Xeon targeted market segment is different from duo Mio. Xeon product targeting the young consumer who likes the performance and speed. We expect to further strengthen the presence Xeon Yamaha’s dominance in the world automatic (motor skutik),” he said in launching the Xeon Yamaha 125 cc, this afternoon.

With the presence of Xeon, Yamaha motorcycle sales target this year skutik increased to 1.5 million units. A total of 1.2 million units from these figures is a contribution from sales of Mio and Mio Soul. “Total sales target of Yamaha motorcycles this year about 3 million units. With the new machine is different, Xeon occupy the highest caste in skutik Yamaha motor. Motor is extraordinary in the world of automatic,” he said.

Appropriate data Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) Yamaha skutik sales during January to March reached 354 619 units and mengenggam approximately 53% market share of the motor segment type automatic transmission. As for Honda as the nearest competitor skutik recorded sales of 247 633 units (41% market share). Total skutik market during the first quarter this year reached 671 479 units, rising 56.8% compared with same period in 2009.

Dyonisius Xeon continue selling price of Rp15, 5 million per unit is priced very competitively supplied product recall has many advantages and the difference only Rp300.000 Rp200.000 up with competitors.

“This product has a staff strength of 20% larger than 115 cc engine, is more efficient because the lighter body and new engine technology. Xeon to be the result of Yamaha’s innovative leap,” claims Dyonisius.

Yamaha brings Xeon machine type 4 stroke, 2 valve, SOHC, refrigerated. Skutik motor is claimed to have advantages DiAsil Cylinder engine capable of maintaining stable engine conditions while driving, fuel efficiency.

Throttle Position Sensor technology that coordinates the spark ignition timing is also claimed to be a supporting force skutik Xeon technology. In the midst of rising trend in prices of raw materials ie steel, Dyonisius confirmed the company will maintain the selling price of Yamaha products to approaching the upcoming Idul Fitri. “Increase steel can not be predicted in real terms. We will maintain the price up before Lebaran,” he said.


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