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Daftar Twitter – Having had the chance to debate among observers of social media and Twitter users (tweep), eventually feature Trending Topics (TT) that appear on the right side bar Twitter sold for advertising. Disney is buying Pixar TT advertising slots to promote his latest film “Toy Story 3 in the trial implementation of this new business model.

Promoted Trends (TT ads so the official title) was ranked 11th. This means that Twitter does not reduce the amount of natural TT but add one (or more) of the topic set as Promoted Trends. To differentiate it from other TT, in addition to TT Ad added Promoted word (promoted) that when in-mouse-over will be out the name advertisers.

Trending Topics itself is a unique feature ‘best selling’ owned by Twitter. Through this feature, everyone can find a theme or keyword of the most widely discussed by the Tweeps in the world. People were racing to enter a particular keyword as the TT which shows the level of popularity of a topic.

Indonesian vocabulary, including the often entered as a Trending Topics. Eg Rana and Marsha (two students who tweetnya has triggered blasphemy), Indonesian Muslims (the Muslim states of Indonesia are not terrorists), SCTV NOW (as Regine Velasquez live on SCTV), official site (currently show the Java Jazz Festival), Ariel PETERPORN (referring to the circulation porn videos like Ariel) and IMB Watch (Indonesia during the semi-finals of the event on Trans TV Talent Search).

In addition to the TT, this feature has also been made on a regional or country. Only love, Indonesia as the biggest Twitter users in Asia has not been included in the selection list TT state.

A week earlier, the implementation plan ad platform Promoted Trends disclosed by Mashable. With this feature, advertisers can enter the terms they want to the list of topics that are so trends in Twitter. Promoted Trends will debut in the order of the lowest (11th) and could be increased in accordance with the conversations that took place among Tweeps.

“Trends Promoted appear below the list Trending Topics Twitter and be clearly marked ‘Promoted’. Promoted Trends can go back into the top following the increase in the ongoing conversation, “the spokesman was quoted as saying Twitter Los Angeles Times.

Promoted Trends complements Promoted Tweets (Tweet placed at the top of the timeline or search results) that have been present earlier.



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